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Червено и Бяло

Иоанна Иванова
Никол Николова
United Kingdom
година: 2016
3D computer
Студентски филми
Ioanna Ivanova/ Nikol Nikolova
Ioanna Ivanova/ Nikol Nikolova
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Червено и бяло е вдъхновена от една от най-обичаните Български традиции - идването на пролетта. На всеки 1-ви Март хората си разменят мартеници - малко украшение изработено от червена и бяла прежда. Типично се състои от две кукли - момче и момиче.

Биография на режисьора

My name is Ioanna and I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. I have always been passionate about drawing, theater and cinema and was dreaming to become a famous artist since I was a little girl. I was actively involved in different activities in the fields of Art, during my teenage years - as drawing classes, chamber chloral and photography. In 2013 I graduated from The French High School in Sofia. Realizing that a hobby could turn up into a jot to make a living with, I chose to continue my higher education in the fields of Animation. In 2016 I graduated from Bournemouth University with a degree in Computer Visualisation and Animation. Since then I was working on different personal projects as well as being a freelancer for several Bulgarian creative studios. Now I am diving into the industry being the newest member of a dynamic award-winning production studio, based in London, United Kingdom.

My name is Nikol Nikolova and I grew up in a small town in Bulgaria. Seven year ago my family and I relocated to England. At college, I specialised in architecture, fine arts and further mathematics. My passion for arts and bringing drawings to life led to my acceptance to study Computer Animation and Visualisation at Bournemouth University. I graduated this summer and I am currently working for a large product advertisement company. I love what I do and I believe it is a blessing and privilege to love your job.


тел.: 00447999232847 (Ioanna) / 00447850383220 (Nikol)