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The Belief

Amir Vahedi
year: 2015
Running Time:
Drawing on paper
Super short [about 1 min]
Amir Vahedi
Amir Vahedi
The program:


The enemy attacked the country and war began. A pair of Soldier boots was being putting on by a man who are invisible. The boots get ready to go fight against the enemy, but when the boots saw the other fragment boots in the battlefield. They refused to go forward. The man puts off the boots and

Director's BIO

I was born in 1982/24/Jan. in Tabriz - Iran. I grew up with my father’s voice and songs while he and my mom were weaving carpet and playing the melody of my life. As a child drawing and painting was my only hobby. I was eager of learning and creating things that I had in my mind, but making animation was one of my desire. Most of my time was spent for painting, drawing cartoon, caricature and other arts. At the age of 25, I got chance to enter to the animation world, before that, I couldn`t even imagine being an animator and work animation. 4 years working hard without any tutorial and training, made me to gain some experiences. but after receiving Richard William's PDF and books I started to learn more and more in animation. I graduated in Arts (Graphics & Handy art craft) in 2012. I have been worked in different part of animation such as: character designing, storyboard, Key frame & in-between animator, art director, texture and coloring, animate supervisor.


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